Ten Techniques and Description of its Effective Use


 As with all teachers, Dr DeLuca effectively gave directions. This is a basic technique that should be applied in classrooms to maintain order. Dr DeLuca not only taught students about simple machines but gave them directions to imitate one. This was done through an effective transition between activities. There was a conclusion of the previous one and an introduction of the next. The activities were described in detail at the starting point and then its purpose was explained at the end. Another critical technique that is crucial in classrooms is eye contact. Dr DeLuca effectively demonstrated it by doing it in response to each points that he made. This is very important for young children since their attention span is shorter than adults. Dr DeLuca made sure to look at the eyes of the students when talking to them as seen in the video by the Teaching Channel. The presence of body language is also important in teaching. Dr DeLuca effectively demonstrated this by moving his hands to make various points while talking to the students. This is especially important for children who are in the process of understanding things in a basic manner. It would serve as a guide to identify which terms are being emphasized. Teaching Channel also showed how modeling is applied. Petrina (2007) argues that techniques should be simplified to allow students to learn at their own pace. In the video, Dr DeLuca not only used himself as a model but also called the students to demonstrate various things for him. The bodies of children were used to show how simple machines work.

 The video also showed how Dr DeLuca showed his mastery in praising his students. It was applied at a perfect timing when students answered correctly or when a specific task is done properly. This is emphasized all throughout the video in a spontaneous way. This was actually used in conjunction with motivation. Dr DeLuca praised students in order to motivate them and guide them to the next activities. Smooth transition and momentum is evident in this approach. The students were motivated to do the activities because of the approach of Dr DeLuca. He praised students to establish momentum towards the next classroom event. He motivated students about the value of simple machines by making them act out its functions.

 According to Petrina (2007), questions can be used for effective discussions. This was demonstrated by Dr DeLuca in the video. He used questioning skills in discussing the activity where students act out the simple machines. It was used as a tool for assessment and evaluation for further classroom interaction.


Dr DeLuca effectively used various techniques in teaching his students about simple machines. These were done in a spontaneous way. Each technique was used in conjunction with other approaches in order to emphasize various points. Its purpose is to aid students in learning.