The Jury and the Common Good Synthesizing the Insights of Modern and Postmodern Legal Theories


 What main points were made in the study/research concerning social control?

 The perception and sense of the justice system is modelled by the deliberations of the jury on the subjects presented before them. These subjects include matters dealing with anger, jealous, sex, money, power, greed and revenge among others. Most of the cases presented before courts will often result in a legal trial. This has made people forget that the jury is involved in other legal tasks such as negotiations, mediations, arbitrations, counselling, drafting of contracts among others. The jury must serve as the gripping paradigm that examines all the conceptions of the human life for the good of all the people. Movies such as To Kill a Mockingbird, Twelve Angry Men, A Jury of Her Peers and A Time to Kill show us some possible means to achieve a fairer future based on rational legal bases. In these movies, it sis evident that law is meant for the common good of the people. However, it is important to fuse the insights of all the movements involved in the application of this law to ensure that justice prevails.

 What did the author conclude about the problem or question as it relates to social control?

 The society will often make judgements on the matters affecting it. In these judgements, the dominant group does not seem to understand or appreciate the effect of societal judgement on the smaller groups. The former may therefore not believe the experiences that the latter suffers through due to injustice of societal judgement. However, the law can at least bring the common good between these groups by considering the pain of the minorities and offering them the opportunity to overcome their problems that lead to societal injustice.